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Fiber-based ps laser with large tuning range

and ultra-fast tuning speed

Despite the partial lockdown and logistical problems in Shanghai, we dare to do so: So please be brave, come and visit our booth at the "Laser World of Photonics China" from 13 to 15 July! We want to talk to you about the latest developments of our partner active fiber systems in compact, alignment-free and fiber-based picosecond laser sources for nonlinear (CARS and SRS) microscopy.

As an appetizer in advance, here you can see a range of what is technically possible:

Please contact us with your desired specifications and we happily customize a system exactly to your needs.




Active fiber systems

Picosecond dual-wavelength fiber lasers

for non-linear microscopy






Nano characterization of scratches and defects on polished glass


The evaluation of many optical material surfaces requires nanometer resolution on relatively large and medium-sized surfaces. Is this also true for spectacle lenses?


Surface 3D characterization after friction experiments



BASALT-N2 set-up



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