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      Compact optical roughness sensor as process integrated systems – horos    

The horos enables high-sensitive measurements of the angle resolved light scattering distribution of optical and non-optical surfaces, coatings and materials at a wavelength of 660 nm in a cone (half opening angle < 10°) around the specularly reflected light of a sample.

The measurement of light scattering on technical surfaces and optical components places high demands on the measurement technology. A high dynamic range and linearity (at least 5 orders of magnitude) must be adressable, in combination with high sensitivity (noise equivalent ARS ~ 10 – 5 sr-1) corresponding to low scatter losses and roughness at sub-nanometer level, as well as with ultra-short measurements times (< 1s per measuring area). In horos we combine all these top parameters in one system.


Scheme of the scattering sensor


Illumination wavelength: e.g. 650 nm

Sensitivity: ARS < 10 -4 sr -1, rms < 0.5 nm

Working distance: > 10 mm

Measurement time: < 1 s

Calibrated quantitative measurements

Compact dimensions: 200 × 170 × 65 mm³

Option: combination with robotic arm



Integration of sensor directly in optical fabrication processes for quality control

Fully automated measurements of plane and freeform surfaces based on CAD data

Defect characterization according to standard ISO 10110-7

Detection of small particles (e.g. single bacterial cells and others)



Scattering image (ARS) of superpolished Si-wafer


Sensor mounted on 6 axis robot. By courtesy of Fraunhofer IOF Jena






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