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Tackiness Adhesion Analyzer – The new generation of measuring


tackiness and adhesion forces


The upper unit of the instrument with force sensor and upper tool is firmly clamped, guaranteeing a very high force and positioning accuracy with an effective sensor resolution of 1 mN, while the lower unit with specimen table is vertically moved against the upper tool.

The automatically rotatable specimen table contains cavities for up to 15 various lubricant samples which can be heated to 100°C. You can build your test system from one base configuration by adding additional stations.


Further instrument features:

Programmable experiments allow automatic execution and characterization of pull-off force, thread length and dissipation energy.

flexible software: user-programmable experiment with several parameters

adjustable force: up to 1 N

high-resolution motion system for rotation and high-resolution of forces

easy-to-handle sample changing system for different lubricant samples

Real time data acquisition: all force and position signals synchronized



The new instrument generation of measuring tackiness and adhesion forces


Heatable specimen table with up to 15 cavities for lubricant samples


Tackiness and Adhesion Test experiment results





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