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White light interferometers for 3D measurement of surface topographies


White-light interferometry is one of the proven optical measuring methods for the acquisition of 3D topographies with depth resolutions in the lower nanometer range. Thanks to the parallel acquisition and processing of the measuring points, the height information can be obtained over large areas and in a very short time.

Typical fields of application in quality assurance and research are the characterization of surfaces of different roughness values (wafer structures, mirrors, glass, metals), the determination of step heights and the precise measurement of curved surfaces, such as micro lenses. With the smartWLI series we offer everything from the universal laboratory measuring instrument with objective revolver (for up to 4 interchangeable interference objectives) to the inline integrable 3D roughness measurement sensor. When using optical surface measuring instruments, the user was previously faced with the choice of either measuring a profile line with a tactile measuring instrument or measuring a small area in 3D with an optical measuring instrument. Thanks to the increased measuring speed, both is now possible without any problems with the smartWLI systems.


Main cutting edge of an end mill



Optical microscopes for 2D imaging and image documentation of surfaces


Optical microscopes are an important tool in all areas of research, education and quality control in industry - for example in biology, medicine and materials science, but also in other areas - where a surface must be examined quickly and precisely below the resolution of the human eye.

In more than 200 years, the microscopes of our Rathenow-based manufacturer have gained worldwide recognition at universities and research laboratories. The product range extends from the simple microscope for routine laboratory work to the modularly designed reflected-light microscope or stereo microscope, with which quick changes between overview magnifications and the imaging of detailed information of the surface are possible.

Using various microscopy cameras as well as measuring and evaluation software, 2D images can be documented, stored and evaluated.





Askania watch


Plastic part with defects
polarization contrast





Dual-wavelength picosecond fiber lasers for nonlinear microscopy


Fiber lasers enjoy an excellent reputation as power-scalable diode-pumped solid state laser concept. Their immunity to thermo-optical issues is complemented by efficiency and high performance in fiber-based amplification.

Over the last decade, special ultra-short pulse fiber laser systems have been developed in Jena institutes, including compact and high-precision systems for biomedical imaging. Among the remarkable features of AFS' ultra-short pulsed fiber lasers are their compact dimensions and weight, which make them portable, as well as flexible and outstanding laser parameters which can be customized.




Multimodal composite image of human connective tissue showing an overlay of CARS (red), SHG (blue) and TPEF (green) signals.
Courtesy of IPHT Jena



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