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Optical microscopes for 2D imaging and image documentation of surfaces


ASKANIA's product range extends from the simple microscope for laboratory routine to the modularly designed reflected-light microscope or stereomicroscope, with which quick changes between overview magnifications, infinitely variable or adjustable in steps, and the imaging of detailed information of the surface are possible.


We supply the following types of instruments:


Stereomicroscopes as
Greenough or telescope systems:
GSZ, GSZ 2, SMT 4 and SMC 4





Soldered joints


Gear wheel

Milled part



Reflected light microscopes and
polarization microscopes
TM 1, TM 2, MZM 1, KMA 1, RMA 5 and RMA 5 pol







Vertically aligned Carbon Nano Tube

Gabro crystal. Left: bright field,
right: polarization contrast

Textile fibre polarization contrast

Gypsum crystal exposed to
polarized light


Set screw


Thread section

Cross section of weld seam


Laboratory microscopes,
especially for medical and food laboratories:
Medical, Trichinen Microscope





Pine branch cross section

Wing of a lacewing

Capsule of Trichinella spiralis
coded colours

Daisy cross section




The following magnification tables show the available magnifications and object fields (mm) for the SMT 4 stereomicroscope when using different eyepieces and supplementary lenses and when using two binocular tubes with different tube factors.





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