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Dual-wavelength picosecond fiber lasers for nonlinear microscopy


Fiber lasers enjoy an excellent reputation as power-scalable diode-pumped solid state laser concept. Their immunity to thermo-optical issues is complemented by efficiency and high performance in fiber-based amplification.

Over the last decade, special ultra-short pulse fiber laser systems have been developed in Jena institutes, including compact and high-precision systems for biomedical imaging. Among the remarkable features of AFS' ultra-short pulsed fiber lasers are their compact dimensions and weight, which make them portable, as well as flexible and outstanding laser parameters which can be customized.




Multimodal composite image of human connective tissue showing an overlay of CARS (red), SHG (blue) and TPEF (green) signals.
By courtesy of IPHT Jena




      Material test instruments for measuring friction and indentation forces (push/pull-off)    

For the determination of the coefficient of friction and other mechanical properties of soft materials, such as lubricants, rubber, polymers or biopolymers, the applied forces must be very small (< 1N) in order to take into account the behavior of soft materials during the tests and to achieve reliable measurement results and not to destroy the samples.



The material testers from our Ilmenau-based developer take this into account, moreover with the highest repeatability, both in the micro tribometer for the universal determination of friction coefficients of compliant materials and in the Tackiness Adhesion Analyzer (Falex 200 TAA) model for determining mechanical properties of lubricants.


Falex 200 TAA – new instrument generation for measuring tackiness and adhesion forces


Tribometer with 2D strain gauge force sensor, based on BASALT® technology.
By courtesy of Falex Tribology BV






      Compact optical roughness sensor as process integrated systems – horos    

The scattering and roughness sensor horos (high-sensitive optical roughness sensor) is a compact instrument for 3D angle resolved scattering measurements (ARS, BRDF) which combines highest sensitivity and easy operation.



The rms roughness, the power spectral density function and isotropy properties of surfaces can be determined. The measurement results can be directly linked to alternative techniques and laboratory equipment, e.g. white light interferometry (WLI) and laser confocal microscopy (LCM).


Roughness measurements using horos and WLI (1 Mo/Si-mirror, 2 Ti-coating,3 diamond turned Al-surface). By courtesy of Fraunhofer IOF Jena







Optical microscopes for 2D imaging and image documentation of surfaces


Optical microscopes are an important tool in all areas of research, education and quality control in industry - for example in biology, medicine and materials science, but also in other areas - where a surface must be examined quickly and precisely below the resolution of the human eye.

In more than 200 years, the microscopes of our Rathenow-based manufacturer have gained worldwide recognition at universities and research laboratories. The product range extends from the simple microscope for routine laboratory work to the modularly designed reflected-light microscope or stereo microscope, with which quick changes between overview magnifications and the imaging of detailed information of the surface are possible.

Using various microscopy cameras as well as measuring and evaluation software, 2D images can be documented, stored and evaluated.





Askania watch


Plastic part with defects –
polarization contrast



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